Case studies create effective cut through for brands

Case study for Coates Hire appearing in award nominated publication Gear Up

Case studies create effective cut through for brands

Big Data and crafting effective stories with  brands’ data is another area where Pacific+ excels.

Equipped with  the know how and expertise to create tailored content for accurately targeted audiences and appropriately formatted platforms, we bring the same focus and comprehensive response to every client who approaches us for content.

For example Coates Hire is no different from any other large-scale national organisation in wanting to demonstrate that it is agile and responsive – especially when it comes to sharing news that portrays the company positively.

Recognised recently as one of the world’s top 10 revenue earners (for hire equipment companies) Pacific elected to unpack the raw data contained in the supplied International Rental News (IRN) Report which upon initial face value told a story skewed towards the high performance of Coates Hire’s North American counterparts.  In order  for an Australian audience comprising  Coates Hire’s key stakeholders – both internal staff, clients and shareholders to comprehend the significance of the accolade, building context and providing synthesis of complex content was needed.

Coates Hire turned to Pacific+ to produce a cogent and timely message across different platforms for delivery so the hire company could share its good news immediately: that’s within a couple of days IRN. And that’s exactly what happened.