Snapchat enables content via publishers

Snapchat enables content via publishers

Icon_100pxSnapchat a social media platform that enables its users to communicate in short bursts of video and photographic footage (which disappears as quickly as it can be published), is fast becoming the preferred social media platform by many of those who belong to both the Millennial or Gen Zed age categories. The future-focused team behind the ephemeral social playground have risen a little higher on the competitive ladder by revealing in their latest update a means to enable conventionally established publishers of content an opportunity to speak with their audiences.

The latest round of platform developments showcase a few new features including the “Discover” functionality. In a smart brand alignment Snapchat strategists have assembled popular youth brand publishers MTVVice and Cosmopolitan (among others) to provide vignettes and Snapchat worthy content that will speak to their own youthful user network.

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Snapchat reveals “Discover” stream to access  unique content via select publishers

The hard to reach under 25 consumer group is sure to be on board with articles that have been curated to make them smile and LOL -frequently. This in turn ensures Snapchat can remain at the forefront of the social media dichotomy because they are continually iterating to reflect the clever thinking and an intimate knowledge of a Snapchat user.