Netball World Cup 2015: Let’s Play

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Netball World Cup 2015: Let’s Play

Staging a global sporting event requires the management of an awful lot of logistics. There are venues to organise, competition draws to be made, opening ceremonies to choreograph and of course, you’re going to need an official event program. Pacific + recently worked with the team at Netball World Cup Sydney 2015 to produce the event program to accompany the sport’s premier event – being held in Australia for the first time in 24 years.

Not only did the program need to contain all the facts and figures that a netball-mad fan could desire, it also needed to provide spectators with a valuable keepsake of the event – showcasing legends of the game, memorable moments and the history of the event itself.

While much of the content could be prepared well in advance, player statistics – that’s height, date of birth, place of birth and playing position plus headshots – for 208 players and coaches from 16 netballing nations, could only be provided at the last minute, once teams were finalised. This last-minute information, which affected almost half the pages in the program, required speed and agility (just like a world-class netballer) from the Pacific + team who worked tirelessly to enter all the information, take in corrections, make a final round of changes (as well as add a photo or two that arrived in the final seconds of the ‘game’) and get the completed files to the printer on time.

The final whistle had blown and the program was on the press when it was discovered that we needed to go into extra time and make a change to the cover. Files were resupplied and pre-pressed, print slots were rescheduled and we’re happy to say we still made the original delivery deadline.


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The Netball World Cup is currently underway in Sydney and the event program has proved so popular that a second print run was required – this was turned around in record time and fans will be able to get their hands on a copy in plenty of time for final round matches and the grand final that will determine the 2015 world champion.