Victoria Racing Club

" In terms of editorial strategy and guidance Pacific+ exceed our expectations. " Emily Potter, Victoria Racing Club

Victoria Racing Club

“In terms of editorial strategy and guidance Pacific+ exceed our expectations. The team comes equipped with endlessly flowing ideas designed to support the evolution of the Victoria Racing Club and its associated events which closely align to the brand’s heritage, vision and values.

 Pacific+ has an intimate understanding of our major annual event, the Melbourne Cup Carnival. We have spent over 15 years collaborating with the team for our Carnival magazine – just one example where fresh and focused results are assured because of the overall synchronicity that lies behind the skilled content creators and their insight into the racing calendar’s premier celebration.”

Emily Potter, Senior Club Services Engagements Manager, Victoria Racing Club


The Victoria Racing Club (VRC) has a long and proud history. Located at Australia’s most famous racecourse, Flemington, the VRC continues to uphold the traditions that have made it Australia’s premier racing club.

The VRC’s relationship with its members is maintained, during the time they are not attending events at the venue, by communications that reinforce their status, meet their interests and provide essential information about the club’s activities.

In delivering these Pacific+ has  developed a solid creative relationship with the VRC, characterised by deep cultural understanding, producing various publications that differ in objective, scope and audience.

Internal activities from the VRC are captured via the biannual publication, Inside Headquarters.

This 40-page magazine, sent to VRC members every autumn and winter, is a carefully judged combination of industry commentary and in-depth background pieces, acknowledgement of the role of Victoria Racing Club and its history, and articles of general interest.

The publication is a showcase for the familiar faces of local racing industry identities, from famous owners and trainers to the four-legged creatures themselves. The VRC’s membership expects authoritative, in-depth editorial. Specialty racing journalists ensure that our content is of the best quality.

Arguably our crowning achievement for VRC is the annual glossy publication  Melbourne Cup Carnival: The Official Souvenir Magazine. 

Reflecting the glamour and excitement of the high profile and much anticipated event, this stunning 140-page celebration of The Race That Stops a Nation™ includes articles by top racing journalists, entertaining lifestyle features and gorgeous fashion spreads.

The key purpose of the magazine is to maintain VRC membership loyalty, but also to provide an informative event guide and interesting reads that include racing tips, insider interviews, Who’s Who profiles, fashion spreads and style forecasting.

In this respect the magazine works at multiple levels: as a comprehensive annual souvenir program, as a broadly appealing introduction to the culture of horse racing, as a loyalty publication featuring names and faces well-known to members, and as a booking schedule for Carnival events.

Just as  horse racing is an esteemed and cultivated pass time in Australia, our content and overall working relationship with the VRC is also. We are proud to be celebrating 15 years of partnership with VRC and excited to enter another chapter with our friends in Melbourne in 2016 and beyond.



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140 pp magazine, 1 issue per year
40 pp magazine, 2 issue per year
24 pp A5 magazine, 1 per year
12 pp magazine, 1 per year
12pp A5 magazine, 1 per year

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Melbourne Cup Carnival: The Official Souvenir Magazine
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Inside Headquarters – Autumn & Winter
Members’ Update
Members’ Enclosure Style Guide


November 2, 2015