So big, it could rival the launch of the Apple Watch


So big, it could rival the launch of the Apple Watch

A riddle to be solved: 

“What has the potential to be bigger than the Apple Watch Launch, is packed full of yummy, scrummy goodness and retails for well under the retail price of wearable technology ?  

 The 5th annual MKR Cookbook!   

Available through all good newsagents and retailers from today for  just $14.99  the must have companion piece to the Seven network’s My Kitchen Rules reality cooking show hits shelves. And… it’s a doozy.

Our resident Content Director, Alix Davis who is responsible for  curation of the 2015 edition’s content remains tight-lipped on which of our favourite recipes demonstrated by this season’s contestants have been included, however we did get her to divulge some of the secrets from the bumper book’s 172 pages.

“This year we worked  more closely with the MKR production team to create a book that gives readers the full MKR experience – along with fabulous recipes we have quotes from the teams, step by step recipes for some tricky techniques and some time-saving cheat’s versions of a few of the dishes plus recipes from Pete and Manu.”

Davis is optimistic it is the success of the show that will truly drive sales of this bespoke content piece.

“These books are for fans of MKR who want to recreate their favourite dishes at home. We’ve double tested all the recipes so that readers can be sure they’ll work. While half the fun of the show is the disasters that happen (especially in the Instant Restaurants), we know our readers want recipes that work well and taste great every time.”

It is estimated that My Kitchen Rules delivers a total audience of 2.454 million (for regional and metropolitan areas) making the show a fantastic vehicle to engage the audience in ongoing interactions. It is also a very compelling reason for Channel 7 to continue their connection with viewers via multiple touch points including the MKR smartphone app and the cookbook.

“Long after the curtain falls on this year’s winners the legacy of the show is assured via the cleverly crafted pages of the MKR cookbook.”